Q: You're not even black?


My heart is black.


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Q: Hi there! Your Shadowhunter art is absolutely amazing, I love it. Just wondering, do you just use a biro/ballpoint kinda thing for your drawings mostly?



Ugh I already had a nice proper response written and lost it somehow UGH.

Basically, I usually work digitally, but of late I’ve posted a lot more traditional work, for which I prefer felt-tipped, permanent pens, like Faber Castell, for line art, because they don’t smudge or dilute when you color them (I almost always do so with watercolors, thus the permanent factor is important).

Also, for my digital work, I scan nothing—meaning everything I draw is 100% sketched and colored from beginning to end digitally (I’ve found most people do traditional line art and then scan it to color it, or leave it grayscale). 

So yeah.

Faber Castel OH YEA!

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